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This wiki has been set up to assist students who are unable to attend school due to flooding and/or transport issues.

Each teacher has been asked to publish a record of the work they do in every class so students can see exactly what they have missed. The record kept by the teachers may include:
  • a summary of the work completed in class, including for example, references to textbook exercises.
  • links to online activities.
  • links to PowerPoints and/or worksheets used in class, which can then be viewed, downloaded and printed at home.
  • a description of any homework tasks that have been assigned.

To find your class, click on the relevant link on the left-hand side of this page and then navigate through to the correct class. If you have any questions about your work, you can:
  • Email your teacher by clicking on the STAFF link on the left-hand side and finding the relevant email address next to the teacher's name.
  • Ring the teacher at school on 54521062.